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Educational Justice 教育公平
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Educational Justice 教育公平

? At this precise moment in time and with the impending entrance examination, the problem of educational injustice has loomed more conspicuous and has been brought to the center of public attention. It is almost absolutely correct that schools’ misbehavior gave rise to seditions and agony.


? Dated back to last month, one official representative at the meeting of People’s Representatives put forward the? issue of educational partiality, maintaining that the possibility of certain metropolises’ students admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University is approximately 40 times more than that in Henan province. Recently, when it comes to the enrollment of middle school students, another heated news has been propagated that certain schools enjoying better location, faculty and favorable policies are illegally stretching their legs towards elite students over the whole province, exerting definitely pernicious influences on the regulation of tests and examinations.

? 在上个月,一位参与全国人民代表大会的代表就提出来这个问题,他声称在有一些大城市,孩子们考上清华北大的概率是河南省的接近四十倍。当下,反观中招情况,另外一条轰动的消息被爆出——一些享有更好的地区师资和政策优势的学校正在非法地在全省范围内招生,这样的行为对我们国家的招生考试秩序管理产生了极为不好的影响。

? As a student, I’m sincerely concerned with this. From my own perspective, the leading action we should be encouraged to take is to distribute resources more sensibly. It’s imperative to give more rights for admission to prestigious universities to students in need, which may propitiously precipitate the process of social justice. Also, governmental regulation and punishments are in desperate demand. Banning on such misconducts as searching for students over the boundary in certain schools serves as a solution.

? 作为一个学生,我非常关心这个问题。以我来看,我们首先需要做的一件事情就是合理地分配教育资源。给那些更为迫切需要升学权利的学生们更多的机会进入名牌大学已经显得刻不容缓,这也是进一步促进社会公平的途径。另外,政府的监管和惩罚措施也亟待改善。严禁学校违规异地招生也是一种解决方案。

? What is more, personally, it’s advisable for the school administrators to secure a clear mind that faculty and regulations rather than students are more significant linchpins in maintaining competence and attractiveness.

? 除此以外,个人认为学校管理者也应当清晰地意识到师资力量和合理管理而非生源才是保持学校竞争力和吸引力的关键所在。

?? There is still a long way to go for sake of overcoming the perplexity of educational injustice. Notwithstanding, we are bound to accomplish it with fortitude.

? 在攻克教育不公平的方面,我们还有很长的路要走。然而,我们拥有毅力,定会取得成就。

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