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My View on Job-Hopping 跳槽
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My View on Job-Hopping


Job-hopping, or frequent change of jobs, is becoming increasingly common in China today. As the economy grows, more opportunities for employment are appearing than before. The result is that people, especially young people, are tempted to change jobs frequently, seeking higher salaries or more interesting positions.

Nevertheless, many people prefer to stay in their old jobs. This is partly because they feel loyal to their work units, and partly because they dislike the idea of having to spend much time training for a new job. In addition, although a new job may offer higher pay or more opportunities for promotion, it may be located far from home and be inconvenient to reach.

I think it is a good thing for the workforce to be flexible, so that new demands for personnel can be satisfied quickly. However, if a person changes jobs too often, he or she will cause losses to the employing units. Moreover, frequent job-hopping prevents a person from gaining valuable job experience and developing good work habits.


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