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大学生应该创业吗?Should College Students Do business?
大学生应该创业吗?Should College Students Do business?

According the least report, many students start their own business in order to get prepared for the future. Some students run on-line shops, some students start their own company. Their teachers and classmates have different opinions about this phenomenon. Some thought that have such experience can help them adapt better to society after graduation, while other said that running shops may occupy too much of the students’ time and energy. As far as I concern, I think doing business can benefit the students to some degree.

大学生应该创业吗?Should College Students Do business?

Fist of all, running shops may bring some profit to the students, in this way, the students can reduce their family’s burden. Since the fee of the university is not that cheap. Second, when students do business, they can acquire professional knowledge, accounting skills and enhance their personal communication skills. For instance, to running a shop, they may use what they learn form the textbooks. Last but not least, these experience can give them strength when they apply for a job because they have related experience. By doing business with others, they can learn how to cooperate with others and become more competitive in the job market.

首先,经营店铺可以为学生带来利润。在这种情况下,学生能减轻家庭负担。大学的学费可不算便宜。其二,当学生们创业时,他们能够掌握专业的知识,计数能力,提高个人的交际能力。例如说,经营一家店铺时,他们能够把在课本中学到的东西用到实际中去。最后,创业的经验能在他们找工作时带来优势。通过与他们做生意,他们知道该如何与他人合作,在人才市场更具竞争力。来源:亚博体育dota 2地带。

To sum up, I think students should do business if they have the chance. It’s a good way to enhance personal abilities. I believe the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.


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